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One of the most spectacular shows I have ever attended whas the Ephemere fireworks show last summer. (Yes, I am lagging with my posts about half a year) 😛

Ephemere is one of the most famous fireworks theaters in Europe. The show was a choreographic artwork that was synchronized  in perfect harmony with classical and modern music.

photo courtesy of Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton’s

A friend of mine played in the accompanying orchestra and I said to him after show: “Poor you, you were not able to enjoy the show, because you had to play while we were watching the fireworks.” He replied: “Why poor me? It was fantastic. I was part of the show. The fireworks sounds matched our playing perfectly and it even made me goosebumps.” I think that underlines the perfect choreography.

The show was 25 minutes and FREEEEE!

Good thing I forgot my camera at home, so I was able to focus on the music and the visual artwork entirely without having to worry about camera settings 😉

Pixelated Music – A Picture that Goes with a Song, Johann Sebastian Bach: Air on the G String

This is the first post of my new series: Pixelated Music – A Picture that Goes with a Song.
The idea came to my mind while I was surfing the flickrsphere. When I like a picture, I automatically connect it to a song, so this blog series is just the logical consequence 😉

Johann Sebastian Bach – Air on the G String 

Morning Mist by Hornplayer


I came across musicovery the other day when I was surfing the web for interactive music sites.
Musicovery is a VISUAL streaming radio that lets you pre-select the genre, tempo, mood and decade (age) of the music you want to listen to. There’s a navigation bar on the left where you can set your preferences and a map of the songs in the center where you can scroll around and select the songs manually (see image). Unfortunately, the database seems to consist of more or less mainstream tracks, so it’s not really a tool to discover new music.

You can listen to the radio for free at a low streaming quality; better quality is offered for paid users. You’ve got to decide for yourself if the streaming quality is acceptable or if you’re willing to spend 4US$ a month for an account. I consider musicovery to be a toy which is good for playing with different styles of music but that’s it 😛

It’s a fun thing to try out though, so I thought I should mention it here…