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Song of the Week 2009-09: Emilia Simon – Opium

   PLAY -> Emilie Simon – Opium

Martina Topley-Bird: Anything (video)

Here’s another trippy song I’m addicted to. When I love a song, the video usually disappoints me, but this doesn’t apply to this one.

“Anything” is from Martina Topley-Bird’s debut album QUIXOTIC (2003). 
Also check out “Sandpaper Kisses”, if you like.


I discovered Portishead only recently. Their most popular song is “Glory Box” but I am obsessed by “The Rip”. It is very addictive and I really get drawn into it…Make sure you listen to the whole track, because it starts off at around 2:30

Portishead – The Rip (official video)