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Stats, Stats, Stats …

from the TheSixtyOne.

—>  just for documenting purposes, because those kind of screenshots usually get lost on my harddrive 😛

My plurk party:

Ve – Think of the Dead (video)

I discovered Ve on TheSixtyOne (t61) about one and half a year ago when I joined that site. I instantly fell in love with Ve’s ambient, smooth, chillout music. Good thing all his songs are for free download on TheSixtyOne (t61) and

Recently, another t61 listener (thiefbone) made an animation video for the track “Think of the Dead”. I love it, so it deserves a post on my blog 🙂

Also, check out thiefbone’s other work

I hit the jackpot….

….not really, I just like numbers with repetitive digits 😀

it’s pretty easy to get a play count screenshot on….

but you need to be lucky to be online at the right time to capture a nice number of your reputation total on TheSixtyOne.

(just another post documenting my music listening stats ….)    😛