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Stats, Stats, Stats …

from the TheSixtyOne.

—>  just for documenting purposes, because those kind of screenshots usually get lost on my harddrive 😛

My plurk party:

My own song: Alex Gloworld – Creole Ninja (I Jog)

…not really…but….its title is an anagram of Jenilia Congrejo.

listen on t61: Alex Gloworld – Creole Ninja (I Jog)    

There is a story behind it that you might want to know.  I follow Alex on twitter and vice versa. Last week he linked to a preview (prelisten) of his new song. However, he did not know what title to choose, so meanwhile he named the file “Wootanklingklang”. I protested…. 😛

He uploaded his song to TheSixtyOne the next day… and I LOVE the new title. woot!

Btw, today is Alex’s birthday. Happy Birthday to you, Alex

Alex Gloworld (gloworldsounds) on myspace

I hit the jackpot….

….not really, I just like numbers with repetitive digits 😀

it’s pretty easy to get a play count screenshot on….

but you need to be lucky to be online at the right time to capture a nice number of your reputation total on TheSixtyOne.

(just another post documenting my music listening stats ….)    😛

State Radio – Camilo (video)

It took me half a year to find this song about anti-war activist Camilo Mejía on TheSixtyOne. I simply overlooked it as it was listed under REGGAE, and the reggae genre isn’t my favourite, to be honest. Eventually, I “got around” to listening to it and I love the song! At first, it was just the lyrics that drew my attention, then surprisingly the reggae tune caught me as well, so I just had to give my maximum vote (19x) for this song.

I guess there’s no background info needed as the video speaks for itself. You can download a LIVE version of Camilo for FREE, just follow this LINK.