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Suzen JueL – Certain Kind of Mad

I admit I’m a lame duck, a slacker, whatever the correct expression may be…..

Suzen JueL released a new album in December last year and it took me ages to take notice and blog it. Better late than never, huh? šŸ˜›


Anyway, here is the link to her album “CERTAIN KIND OF MAD” on iTunes and the tracklist. My favourites are “LOVER”Ā  followed by “FLOWERS AGAINST MY DRESS”.


Grace Buford – Cylindrian Virtually Live

Being the proud owner of an AUTOGRAPHEDĀ  CD “Cylindrian Virtually Live”
I just have to blog about it, and it’sĀ about time I did because the CD is available only a limited time. And right now, GraceĀ is informing meĀ there are only 4 copies left, so you better hurry up! šŸ˜›

The CD contains LIVE recordings of Grace Buford’s performances in the VIRTUAL world of Second Life where she is known as CYLINDRIAN Rutabaga (Cyl), so the title of the CD “Cylindrian Virtually Live” is quite obvious.

The following tracks are on the CD:
I’ll Be Fine
Bad Weather Friend
Dont Recognize the Girl
Into the Water
Fallen out of Love
This Dream
Under the Moon
Black Water Rising
See You Soon
Plain Jane

My favourite is by farĀ “Bad Weather Friend”Ā – Strings, lyrics and vocals are just gorgeous.

Go to Grace’s Myspace page to order the CD, it’s only 11US$ incl shipping
within the US. The CD will be sold out soon, but Grace will make it available on iTunes, Rhapsody and NapsterĀ in about 3 to 4 weeks. I will post the links as soon as I get them.

[edited 2008-10-01]
here is the link šŸ™‚


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