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My tumblelog

I haven’t come around to updating my blog, though I do have some things to share…
I guess I will take care for it this weekend 🙂

Meanwhile let me redirect you to my tumblelog.

On Replay: Fleet Foxes and Andrew Bird

My current addiction:

Fleet Foxes: Your Protector

This is a song I really get drawn into, I love the harmonies and rich instrumentation.

Fleet Foxes on myspace:


Andrew Bird w/ Nora O’Connell

I like the bells and the combination of their voices turns out nice.

Andrew Bird on myspace:

Song of the Week 41: Cat Power – Metal Heart

 PLAY -> Cat Power – Metal Heart

RIAA wins – Muxtape is gone

Some weeks ago, I created a digital mixtape on just to see the website down a few days later because of issues with the RIAA. Noooo, it was not my fault!!! The official statement was: “Muxtape will be unavailable for a brief period while we sort out a problem with the RIAA ” It made me wonder how long this “brief period” would be…I checked back today and it turned out the RIAA won…  😦

read yourself on

Song of The Week 2008-39: Bodies Of Water – Doves Circle the Sky

  PLAY -> Bodies Of Water: Doves Circle the Sky

Cylindrian Rutabaga – Grace Buford

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Mattie’s Runaway train by Grace Buford, pictures by Jeni

You got that right, it’s just another site  I’m addicted to …..   Anyway, I’d better be going, it will take a while until you read from me again….honestly 😛

Here is the link to Grace’s Myspace page

Song of the Week 2008-38: Beirut – A Sunday Smile

 PLAY -> Beirut – A Sunday Smile