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Quote: Homeward Bound Soldier

“Today I’m dead but tomorrow you’ll see
I will be back to the cornfields and the paths I used to walk”
~September 29th – When I was (a person like you)

September 29th – When I was (a person like you)

no comment – the song speaks for itself.
Thank you, lovely O!

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Sometimes I can’t find the right words, and those are the days when I want to give up on my blog and suddenly, I stumble upon a poem or a song and see that someone else has already said what I wanted to say. See also my post from 07/19: “INVICTUS”.

“Goodbye to all that” has been composed/written/recorded by a very dear friend of mine, O. , whose artist name is September 29th, well it’s also her birthday 🙂

September 29th – Goodbye to all that

So I say goodbye to you
And you, and you, too
Goodbye to this and to that
I know I’m not going to be sad anymore