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Quote: Hug (January 2010)

“A hug is the shortest distance between friends.”  ~Author Unknown

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I haven’t come around to updating my blog, though I do have some things to share…
I guess I will take care for it this weekend 🙂

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Pixelated Music – A Picture that Goes with a Song: The Hood Internet – I’m Good, I’m Ghost (Lykke Li vs Holy Ghost)

I have made a new friend in SL. Her name is Doxent Zsigmond. She is a music fan like me. We both love Cylindrian Rutabaga (Grace Buford) and we met at one of Cyl’s fabulous concerts.

Doxent is a DJ herself and streams some cool tunes into SL every Sunday at 12pm PST. I took a few snapshots of her avie while she was dancing on a glass floor over the sea. I thought the edited picture goes well with a tune I discovered on thesixtyone a week ago…

The Hood Internet – I’m Good, I’m Ghost
(Lykke Li vs Holy Ghost)

Doxent (Disco Edit) -by Jenilia Congrejo     click image for larger picture


Here is the original snapshot:


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Pixelated Music – A Picture that Goes with a Song, Johann Sebastian Bach: Air on the G String

This is the first post of my new series: Pixelated Music – A Picture that Goes with a Song.
The idea came to my mind while I was surfing the flickrsphere. When I like a picture, I automatically connect it to a song, so this blog series is just the logical consequence 😉

Johann Sebastian Bach – Air on the G String 

Morning Mist by Hornplayer