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Song of the Week 2009-22: Patrick Wolf – Damaris

   PLAY -> Patrick Wolf – Damaris

Song of the Week 2009-21: Regina Spektor – Blue Lips

  PLAY -> Regina Spektor – Blue Lips

Song of the Week 2009-20: Lenka – Trouble is A Friend

  PLAY -> Lenka – Trouble is A Friend

On Replay: The Innocence Mission – Lakes of Canada

I just discovered The Innocence Mission while listening to my recommendations on

Their style is dreamy folk… at least that’s how I would describe it 😉 Currently I am addicted to the song “Lakes of Canada” from their album Birds of My Neihborhood – just beautiful! Karen’s vocals are so gorgeous! Lakes of Canada  is also covered by Sufjan Stevens but his cover is just half as nice (imho).

The Innocence MissionLakes of Canada


Oh, and I love the photo (taken from their site)…the girl in the foreground and the guys fading out in the background 😛 Yeah…the photographer knew who to focus on 😀

Song of the Week 2009-17: Doug Burr – Should Have Known

  PLAY -> Doug Burr – Should Have Known  (mp3 link removed)

Song of the Week 2009-14: Ve – Here’s To Life Again

  PLAY -> Ve – Here’s to Life Again

Song of the Week 2009-13: Scala & Kolacny Brothers – You Oughta Know

  Scala & Kolacny Brothers: You Oughta Know (Cover)