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Viva la Mainstream !

I was lucky to hear these guys live the other day 🙂
…but I am too lazy to write a review 😛

Bananafishbones – Easy Day feat. Franka Potente

“It’s like dancing in the sun
Having trouble having fun
Having anything you wish to come
then it finally smiles your way
And you have an easy day
It’s time to have an easy day”



Remix of the Week 38-2009: Bon Iver – Blood Bank (Skinny Friedman DJ Edit)

   PLAY –> Bon Iver – Blood Bank (Skinny Friedman DJ Edit)

Song of the Week 2009-34: Emily Jane White – Hole in the Middle

  PLAY: Emily Jane White – Hole in the Middle

Song of the Week 2009-33: Emancipator – First Snow

   PLAY -> Emancipator – First Snow

Song of the Week 30-2009: The Legends – Turn Away

  PLAY: The Legends – Turn Away

FREE music from Katie Herzig


I downloaded music by Katie Herzig for FREE in exchange for recommending it to 5 friends who I thought would like it.  You can sample and download it too by going here:

(If you cannot click on the link above, copy and paste the URL into your browser)

Song of the Week 2009-27: Shannon Stevens – In Summer In the Heat

   PLAY -> Shannon Stevens – In Summer In the Heat