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Mark Knopfler – Privateering

I had the opportunity to see Mark Knopfler live the other day. Here is my new favourite of Mark’s: “Privateering”. Enjoy.


Martha Wainwright – Bloody Motherfucking Asshole (live)

Martha Wainwright’s BLOODY MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE is so amazing, I picked it as my first “Song of the Week” when I started this blog more than 2 years ago. I came across a pretty good live version on youtube yesterday and decided to give it some more attention.

Martha sings it with so much conviction, passion.
It’s pure emotion. Emotion is life.
And “life lives” as a friend of mine said the other day.

“I will not pretend
I will not put on a smile
I will not say I’m all right for you
When all I wanted was to be good
To do everything in truth…”

Listen to the studio version here: Martha Wainewright – BMFA

Chick Corea & John McLaughlin – Five Peace Band (live)

(Kenny Garrett on sax, Christian McBride on bass and  Brian Blade on drums)

Word Tour 2008-2009 Available Regions and Dates:
EUROPE October 21 to November 23, 2008
ASIA January 31 to February 22, 2009
NORTH AMERICA March 17 to May 2, 2009

Check out their website for more infos.

Apparently, you missed the Europe and Asia shows (yes, I know … 😦  )  so sorry for not blogging it earlier 😉

I have never been a jazz fan, and I am still no jazz fan but these guys really impressed me. Their music is highly creative and sometimes even FUNKY! Yay! The only drawback was the bad acoustics….not due to the venue but blame the technician who was sitting bored on a carrier box behind the sound mixing desk….

Grace Buford and Suzen JueL in duet – Hallelujah (2-way relaycast)

What is Relaycasting?

Dolmere Talamasca: “Relaycasting is a term that refers to internet performances where the audio streams are layered on their way to the audience.”
Read more in Dolmere’s blog on relaycast technology.

It’s magic – Grace and Suzen are performing a duet while Grace is in Atlanta and Suzen is in Minneapolis.
Suzen submits her stream to Grace, who routes Suzen’s stream through her recording gear and layers her own additions to the stream. Then Grace broadcasts the result to her streaming server where listeners from all over the world tune in. Thus, Grace is the last one in line and can hear Suzen as she lays her own content on top of Suzen’s stream. Suzen, being the first in line, is performing “blind” (or “deaf” in this case). She can’t hear Grace, that’s why she’s giving the commands like “1, 2, ready, go” to make sure Grace can follow.

It’s live !

…and I won’t mention that Sally Silvera is also in the video 😉 Sorry Sal, *hugs*

Grace Buford on myspace

Suzen JueL on myspace

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Cat Power: Metal Heart (live) -video

Alright, I have watched this live video of Cat Power’s “Metal Heart” over and over again. Her performance is just outstanding. I posted the video on my myspace site some days ago, so I thought I could as well post it here….. Enjoy!  😀

That’s two “Cat Power-Metal Heart” posts in a row but who cares 😛

Martin Grubinger – Top Sports Athlete on Stage

Having just returned from Vienna, I’d like to tell you about Martin Grubinger who’s a multi-percussionist on a league of its own. 24-year old multiple awards winner Martin Grubinger from Austria (the “Wizard of Drums”) plays the marimba, conga, snare drums, timpani, bells….to keep it short: he plays anything that serves as a percussion instrument. Perhaps “play” is the wrong exression, he PERFORMS, he ENERGIZES, he is a BRILLIANT artist with a great future ahead.

Actually, I intended to embed some video here but I got rather disappointed by the quality of the videos available on the web, that’s why I decided not to do it after all. There are some better quality music samples on his site but listening alone is obviously not enough -you’ve just got to see this guy and his ensemble PERFORM their SPECTACULAR show LIVE!

If you see him **IN ACTION**, you realize he is not only a musician but a top sports athlete as well. His heart rate is said to reach 180bpm during his 2.5 hour performance, so he needs a training like a marathon runner. Honestly, make sure you catch one of his life shows when he is performing somewhere near you. It’s absolutely worth it! 🙂