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I hit the jackpot….

….not really, I just like numbers with repetitive digits 😀

it’s pretty easy to get a play count screenshot on….

but you need to be lucky to be online at the right time to capture a nice number of your reputation total on TheSixtyOne.

(just another post documenting my music listening stats ….)    😛

Celebrating another milestone on with Caroline Herring

Let me document my 10.000th play on before I forget… I reached this milestone 2 days ago and I did not scrobble any play history when I signed up. Usually, I don’t pay much attention to my play count and it was pure coincidence I noticed my 10.000th play.


The track I listened to was “Caroline Herring – Paper Gown”. It’s a gorgeous alt-country song that I discovered on a music site (T61) and I like a lot 🙂
Listen to Paper Gown on TheSixtyOne. radio – 3€/month

I was pretty surprised to read the new blog entry on

QUOTE: Radio Announcement

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Today we’re announcing an upcoming change to the way Radio works in some parts of the world.

In the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, nothing will change.

In all other countries, listening to Radio will soon require a subscription of €3.00 per month…..


So, they want me to pay 3 Euro? Me, who lives on Christmas Island? Why is there a separation between the USA/UK/Germany and “other countries” ?  The blog post doesn’t tell.  I guess, it’s about time I moved to one of these countries, and I will do.  😛

On Replay: CocoRosie and Over The Rhine is a c00l music site, actually. Just play your recommendations or play the radio of a favourite artist and you’ll be presented with lots of cool stuff that isn’t necessarily new but may be new to you.

Here are 2 examples I like a lot:  


1) from the Alela Diane radio:

CocoRosie – Rainbowarriors

CocoRosie on myspace

I don’t even know which genre it fits in, it’s hard to classify but I LOVE it  


2) from the Built for the Sea radio:

Over The Rhine – Born

Over the Rhine on myspace

It’s a soothing and relaxing tune, but more alt-country than the  BftS dream-pop…


Anyway, holds a whole lot of surprises. The biggest surprise has been a …

Glenn Case tune on the Built for the Sea radio…   (No kidding, I even double checked which radio I was tuned to)

Recharging Batteries is recharging batteries

and meanwhile they suggest I have a cup of tea..

I think I go for a beer instead 😛



 and  flickr is having the hiccups

…but not due to my beer…I swear it!

I guess I’d better be logging out coz  I need to recharge batteries as well……See ya!

Jenilia’s 2008

I am not a very organized person, actually I’m not organized at all 😛
There is a saying in my native language that goes: “Only a genius can control chaos” Well, I am not a genius either haha 😀

I love, because it keeps my music listening stats ORGANIZED.

Here are 3 snapshots I took on New Years Eve 2008.

 The one above shows my play count and some other irrelevant info.
I am really from Christmas (Is)land….Where I come from, Christmas season starts on St Andrew’s night Nov/29-30 and ends on Candlemas Feb/02   [I guess I am not sober yet to write this here, and I’m probably going to delete this info by tomorrow, although it is TRUE!]

enough sidetracked…Here are my top artists and top tracks in 2008

I’m sure Elliott Smith and Radiohead will stay in the top 10, I am not sure about the other artists. Let’s see what the new year brings.

Interesting, a Christmas song has made it to the TOP 5 ! Feist – Lo, How A Rose E’re Blooming, my most popular blog post, btw.

Good thing I have my blog to document and archive the stats, the snapshots would get lost on my hard drive or where ever…

HAPPY NEW YEAR *hugs*  😀