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John Vanderslice – Green Grow The Rushes

John Vanderslice has made his new EP “Green Grow The Rushes” downloadable for FREEEEE 😀



1. Thule Fog
2. I’ll Never Live Up To You
3. Pony Express
4. Streetlights
5. Lay Down
6. Penthouse Window

320kbps mp3s + artwork + lyrics and credits + uncompressed WAV files 
JV – Green Grow The Rushes


National Geographic: Baby Animals Wallpapers

Check out National Geographic for Baby Animals Wallpapers. Here is my favourite:

Baby Asian Elephant in Tall Grass by William Albert Allard

click image to download Wallpaper (1024 x 768 pixels)

FREE music from Katie Herzig


I downloaded music by Katie Herzig for FREE in exchange for recommending it to 5 friends who I thought would like it.  You can sample and download it too by going here:

(If you cannot click on the link above, copy and paste the URL into your browser)

Lily Allen – Free Album Mix

Lily Allen’s new album “It’s Not Me, It’s you” will be released on Feb 9th and
her label is giving a FREE “Promotional Excerpt Compilation” (album mini mix mp3) away.

All you need to do is follow THIS LINK

and tell them some details about you, that is
your full name,
your date of birth,
your cell phone number
and some other stuff. Submit your info and you’ll be redirected to the download site. It’s a 16.7 MB file.

These are the songs featured in the mix : Everyone’s At It, The Fear, Not Fair, 22, Never Gonna Happen, F**k You

Andrew Bird – Noble Beast

Andrew  Bird’s new album Noble Beast will be released on January 20th, 2009 (for the U.S. market). I hope it will be available for us Europeans at some point…I’d rather buy it sooner than later 😛

[edit: release in Europe on Feb, the 2nd, 2009]

01 Oh No
02 Masterswarm
03 Fitz and the Dizzyspells
04 Efigy
05 Tenuousness
06 Nomenclature
07 Ouo
08 Not A Robot, But A Ghost
09 Unfolding Fans
10 Anonanimal
11 Natural Disaster
12 The Privateers
13 Souverian
14 On Ho!

In the meantime, you can STREAM the FULL album for FREE on NPR.