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John Vanderslice – Green Grow The Rushes

John Vanderslice has made his new EP “Green Grow The Rushes” downloadable for FREEEEE ūüėÄ



1. Thule Fog
2. I’ll Never Live Up To You
3. Pony Express
4. Streetlights
5. Lay Down
6. Penthouse Window

320kbps mp3s + artwork + lyrics and credits + uncompressed WAV files 
JV – Green Grow The Rushes



FREE music from Katie Herzig


I downloaded music by Katie Herzig for FREE in exchange for recommending it to 5 friends who I thought would like it.  You can sample and download it too by going here:

(If you cannot click on the link above, copy and paste the URL into your browser)

State Radio – Camilo (video)

It took me half a year to find this song about anti-war activist Camilo Mej√≠a on TheSixtyOne. I simply overlooked it as it was listed under REGGAE, and the reggae genre isn’t my favourite, to be honest. Eventually, I “got around” to listening to it and I love the song! At first, it was just the lyrics¬†that drew¬†my attention, then surprisingly the reggae tune¬†caught me as well, so I just had to give my maximum vote (19x) for this song.

I guess there’s no background info needed as the video speaks for itself. You can download a LIVE version of Camilo for FREE, just follow this LINK.