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SXSW 2010 Playlist #1

I have listened to about 1 quarter of this year’s SXSW songs, and it’s about time I posted some of my favourites here. Let’s call it “Playlist #1″….. but I can’t promise a “Playlist #2” 😛

Enjoy! (right click to download)

This one’s addictive, it builds slowly up and kicks in at the end:
Hey Rosetta! – New Goodbye

Gorgeous alt-country (see post below about her new album):
Basia Bulat – Gold Rush

Folk from the Faroer Islands:
Gudrid Hansdottir – Stjornur

ELEW – Mr. Brightside

Australian Pop:
Washington – How Do You Tame Lions

some more alt-country:
Anton Bjorkenvall – Love Will Always get Us Down

Basia Bulat – Heart Of My Own

Basia Bulat’s new album “Heart Of My Own” was released on January 25th. I didn’t take notice until I found her song “Gold Rush” in this year’s SXSW samples.   “Gold Rush” has become an instant addiction to me. Love Basia’s alt-country/indie-folk style.

Basia Bulat – Gold Rush

On Replay: CocoRosie and Over The Rhine is a c00l music site, actually. Just play your recommendations or play the radio of a favourite artist and you’ll be presented with lots of cool stuff that isn’t necessarily new but may be new to you.

Here are 2 examples I like a lot:  


1) from the Alela Diane radio:

CocoRosie – Rainbowarriors

CocoRosie on myspace

I don’t even know which genre it fits in, it’s hard to classify but I LOVE it  


2) from the Built for the Sea radio:

Over The Rhine – Born

Over the Rhine on myspace

It’s a soothing and relaxing tune, but more alt-country than the  BftS dream-pop…


Anyway, holds a whole lot of surprises. The biggest surprise has been a …

Glenn Case tune on the Built for the Sea radio…   (No kidding, I even double checked which radio I was tuned to)