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Remix of the Week 38-2009: Bon Iver – Blood Bank (Skinny Friedman DJ Edit)

   PLAY –> Bon Iver – Blood Bank (Skinny Friedman DJ Edit)

On Replay: The Rosebuds

I don’t know why I have never noticed this band before. I started listening to them only this weekend when I bought their album “Life Like” (October ’08) (iTunes)

1. Life Like
2. Cape Fear
3. Border Guards
4. Bow To the Middle
5. Nice Fox
6. Another Way In
7. Concordia Military Club
8. Hello Darlin
9. Black Hole
10. In the Backyard





My current Rosebud addictions are:

“Another Way In”  from the album “Life Like”


 Get Up Get Out -Bon Iver Remix” from the “Night of the Furies” (Remixed)

Each Passing Day – Welcome Home

Each Passing Day (with frontman Loren Radis) from San Luis Obispo in California have just released their debut Album “Welcome Home”.

Their album’s available online, you can buy it from the band’s website, from their myspace page, from cdbaby, from and it will be availabe on iTunes in a week or so (did I forget anything?)

 I suggest you run to and pick up a copy for under 4 bucks (12 tracks!!! ) You need to be quick though, as the price goes up the more people buy it! I just checked it – it’s US$ 3.67, so you better hurry up!

My favourite is song SAN FRANCISCO…nah…it’s HOMESICK…no…SAN FRANCISCO…what the heck I like them all 😀

Loren gave me the link to his new BON IVER cover – „Skinny Love“  It is not on the album of course, but I think it’s worth sharing anyway, it’s such a gorgeous cover, so here you go:

Each Passing Day – Skinny Love (cover) 

Song of the Week 2008-31

  PLAY -> Bon Iver: Wisconsin