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Zonja Capalini – Grayscale Walking

It’s been a while since I blogged a Zonja Capalini video. The following video was censored and flagged for “unsafe content” by Flickr HQ………WTF?

I promise, no guns, no violence…it is safe to view (else I wouldn’t blog it…).
Good thing there is youtube, so Zonja posted it there:

Grayscale Walking by Zonja Capalini, Filmed in Bell Curve & Sine Wave islands. Music: Infected Mushroom: Ballerium.

I highly recommend you watch the HIGH QUALITY video on youtube. It’s worth it. I don’t know how to embed the high quality version here. If I find out, I shall do. (WordPress doesn’t support flash, I am using the built in youtube player).

My Christmas Avatar


   I made myself another avatar using the eLouai dollmaker again.

   Well, it is actually the same avie

    …..just dressed properly, coz I was freezing 😉






There is a person behind the avatar

Hug your friends TODAY, because TOMORROW might be too late …

Hugs, Sally 😀

Sally Silvera and I listening to Grace McDunnough at Glass Earth on Nov 9th, 2008

My New Avatar



I just created myself a new avatar  using the eLouai dollmaker.

So, this will be my avie until I get bored with it which might be the case next week already 😛