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Mark Knopfler – Privateering

I had the opportunity to see Mark Knopfler live the other day. Here is my new favourite of Mark’s: “Privateering”. Enjoy.


Hollywood Hills

my latest addiction:

No I don’t wanna leave
but I must keep moving ahead
’cause my life belongs to the other side
behind the great ocean’s waves

The Decemberists – The King is Dead

The Decemberists’ new album “The King is Dead” will be available 聽January 18th, 2011.

Listen to “Down By The Water” :

Check out their website

John Vanderslice – Green Grow The Rushes

John Vanderslice has made his new EP “Green Grow The Rushes” downloadable for FREEEEE 馃榾



1. Thule Fog
2. I’ll Never Live Up To You
3. Pony Express
4. Streetlights
5. Lay Down
6. Penthouse Window

320kbps mp3s + artwork + lyrics and credits + uncompressed WAV files聽
JV – Green Grow The Rushes

Grace Buford – Not Just A Fragment (Remixed by Coll Andrews)

Grace Buford – Not Just A Fragment (Remixed by Coll Andrews)

This project dates back to January 2010. 聽My idea was to have one of Grace Buford’s new songs remixed, and who would do it better than Coll Andrews? 聽Coll used a live recording of “Not Just A Fragment”, made a first draft, and I sent it to Grace. It was only 2 weeks later that Grace officially announced she had given up on her solo career and put the recording of her new CD on hold.

It looked as if nobody would get to hear this remix anytime soon 馃槮

…but Grace were not Grace if she had not allowed it to put this “draft” on our websites, so thanks for this “Happy End”, Grace 馃榾

Also thanks to Coll for giving me your permission to blog it 馃榾

Check out:

Coll Andrews

Grace Buford

Grace’s new band: The Lives of the Monster Dogs

J贸nsi – Go

Go is the debut solo album from J贸nsi of Sigur R贸s. It will be released on April 5th (April 6th in North America).


1 go do
2 animal arithmetic
3 tornado
4 boy lilikoi
5 sinking friendships
6 kolni冒ur
7 grow till tall
8 around us
9 hengil谩s

Check out the official “GO DO” video here

SXSW 2010 Playlist #1

I have listened to about 1 quarter of this year’s SXSW songs, and it’s about time I posted some of my favourites here. Let’s call it “Playlist #1″….. but I can’t promise a “Playlist #2” 馃槢

Enjoy! (right click to download)

This one’s addictive, it builds slowly up and kicks in at the end:
Hey Rosetta! – New Goodbye

Gorgeous alt-country (see post below about her new album):
Basia Bulat – Gold Rush

Folk from the Faroer Islands:
Gudrid Hansdottir – Stjornur

ELEW – Mr. Brightside

Australian Pop:
Washington – How Do You Tame Lions

some more alt-country:
Anton Bjorkenvall – Love Will Always get Us Down

Basia Bulat – Heart Of My Own

Basia Bulat’s new album “Heart Of My Own” was released on January 25th. I didn’t take notice until I found her song “Gold Rush” in this year’s SXSW samples.聽聽 “Gold Rush” has become an instant addiction to me. Love Basia’s alt-country/indie-folk style.

Basia Bulat – Gold Rush

Suzen JueL -Untitled #13

Suzen JueL released her new album “Untitled #13” some weeks ago. Yes, I know, I am late on this…. 馃槢

She was searching for a title but then decided to name it “Untitled #13” and I like it. Reminds me of Living Room #13.

As soon as I get hold of the tracklist, I post it here.

The CD isn’t available on iTunes (yet) but you can purchase it from her website.聽 Please follow this link.

Chris Merritt – Virginia is for Hoverers (part 1)

I have never been that much of a Chris Merritt fan, but i do like his latest album “Virginia is for Hoverers” and I think 6US$ for the full album (12 tracks) is a fair deal 馃檪聽聽聽 Buy it here.

My favourite track is “Another World”. Make sure you check it out, because there is a nice surprise waiting for you. I am so glad he didn’t re-record it 馃槈