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Mark Knopfler – Privateering

I had the opportunity to see Mark Knopfler live the other day. Here is my new favourite of Mark’s: “Privateering”. Enjoy.


Grace Buford – Dancing in the Garden of Freedom (Remix by Doxent Zsigmond)

This one brings back good memories 🙂

Those were the times when I went with my friends to a Grace Buford (Cylindrian Rutabaga) live concert in SL. Nothing could beat this. We were promoting Grace’s music and she played our favourite originals. Here is my top favourite, my all-time favourite, remixed by my good friend Doxii. These days, neither Doxii nor Grace nor I frequent SL but we are always happy to catch one of Grace’s rare gigs online.

Doxii on Flickr. You can also find her soundcloud an youtube links there.

Dig the stones from the earth
and pile them on the side,
one by one,
Skilfully crafting a wall
to keep the outside on the outside.
Throw away all the the bitter fruit of yesterday
and fertilize the soul with forgiveness
so love can abide in this garden.

And I don’t want to go
from the place I found my soul.
See my freedom dance through the waves of green and gold.

Water the seeds with tears
from the guilt of all those silent years.
How fragile are the first shoots
as they reach for the warmth of the sun
so love will abide in this garden.

 Alirium Gardens 2 -by Jenilia Congrejo
Alirium Gardens (c) Jenilia Congrejo 2009

Hollywood Hills

my latest addiction:

No I don’t wanna leave
but I must keep moving ahead
’cause my life belongs to the other side
behind the great ocean’s waves


Sometimes I can’t find the right words, and those are the days when I want to give up on my blog and suddenly, I stumble upon a poem or a song and see that someone else has already said what I wanted to say. See also my post from 07/19: “INVICTUS”.

“Goodbye to all that” has been composed/written/recorded by a very dear friend of mine, O. , whose artist name is September 29th, well it’s also her birthday 🙂

September 29th – Goodbye to all that

So I say goodbye to you
And you, and you, too
Goodbye to this and to that
I know I’m not going to be sad anymore (music discovery) is shutting down


I signed up on in August last year but I have never been really active on this music discovery site. I wasn’t really fond of the music available there, to be honest…..BUT the site has had some great features (e.g. mixtapes) and above all the admins were dedicated to their community.

From their manifesto:

“We believe technological process and tools can never replace individuals and human interaction – maintaining a personal touch is vital.”

… how true !

click image for complete fuzz manifesto


Here is an abstract of an email I received some days ago.        

“Sadly, we are contacting you to announce that is shutting down on February 13, 2009. Between now and then you may want to take the opportunity to post your forwarding information to fellow Fuzz users. It was with a heavy heart that we finally made the decision to turn off the lights, but because of increasing operating costs and flat revenues it simply no longer makes sense for us to keep running. We offer our heartfelt thanks for being a part of it, and we’d like to give a special added thanks our avid, core users — true music fans who made Fuzz their home-base, and created a real sense of community.”

Apparently, Fuzz’s sister site will continue to exist, but Blip and Fuzz can’t be compared, Fuzz was more a  music site with great  discovery and communication tools and Blip is more twitter-like.

Oddly enough, I am  secretly glad I did not participate in the fuzz experience because it is always sad when a community breaks up … even if it is “only” an online music community.


I came across musicovery the other day when I was surfing the web for interactive music sites.
Musicovery is a VISUAL streaming radio that lets you pre-select the genre, tempo, mood and decade (age) of the music you want to listen to. There’s a navigation bar on the left where you can set your preferences and a map of the songs in the center where you can scroll around and select the songs manually (see image). Unfortunately, the database seems to consist of more or less mainstream tracks, so it’s not really a tool to discover new music.

You can listen to the radio for free at a low streaming quality; better quality is offered for paid users. You’ve got to decide for yourself if the streaming quality is acceptable or if you’re willing to spend 4US$ a month for an account. I consider musicovery to be a toy which is good for playing with different styles of music but that’s it 😛

It’s a fun thing to try out though, so I thought I should mention it here…