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iPhone vs Android vs BlackBerry

Happy poem for Vincent :)

for Vincent, who requested a happy poem after reading my previous posts.. 😉

Smiling is infectious
you can catch it like the flu
when someone smiled at me
I started smiling too 😀

when I passed the corner
someone saw my grin
when he smiled I realized
I passed it onto him 😀

I thought about that smile
and realized its worth
a single smile just like mine
could travel round the earth 😀

so if you feel a smile begin
don’t leave it undetected
lets start an epidemic quick
and get the world infected 😀

by Anomymous

Ingrid Michaelson on twitter

Every time I want to have a good laugh, I check Ingrid Michaelson’s twitter stream. Her tweets are just hilarious. Let me post some samples for you (read from bottom up)

Breaking News: NASA steals Berlin TV Tower

thanks to Karl Ski for plurking the evidence!

Cuteness: Giraffe and Squirrel

Thursday brings cuteness 🙂

A friend emailed the following photo to me and I loved it so much, I forwarded it immediately …you know, that’s how it goes.

It’s a pity I can’t give credits to the one who shot the photo for I don’t know who he/she is.

Peanuts Fashion

Designer Isaac Mizrahi: “I love Peanuts because it represents a theme in my childhood to do with not fitting in, with being an outsider. ”  He designed a dress based on an outfit Charlie Brown would have worn, had he been a woman.





Isaac Mizrahi’s take on Charlie Brown 2007






from Tibi Fall 2009 collection:

I wanna play an instrument

…just can’t decide which one 😛


all photos by Ellen van Doden, check out the original source for more pictures