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Victoria Collins – Summer Blossoms

My friend asked me about my fave colors (green and claret), my fave flower (sunflower), and my fave season (summer). I didn’t know what she was up to but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the result. Thank you, V! 😀

Summer Blossoms by Victoria Collins

summer blossoms
summer fades
tho in my heart
summer stays.
~ V

true high res:


I will be back…very soon 🙂

Quote: Homeward Bound Soldier

“Today I’m dead but tomorrow you’ll see
I will be back to the cornfields and the paths I used to walk”
~September 29th – When I was (a person like you)

September 29th – When I was (a person like you)

no comment – the song speaks for itself.
Thank you, lovely O!

website: September 29th