Cuteness: Giraffe and Squirrel

Thursday brings cuteness 🙂

A friend emailed the following photo to me and I loved it so much, I forwarded it immediately …you know, that’s how it goes.

It’s a pity I can’t give credits to the one who shot the photo for I don’t know who he/she is.

    • karlski
    • May 21st, 2009

    Awwww!! thats painfully cute!
    Of course you do know that the giraffe was checking to see if it was edible!!

  1. nahhh…isn’t a giraffe a herbivore? :p

    • Sally
    • May 21st, 2009

    Weeeeeeery cute!!!! And no waaaaaaay that giraffe would eat that squirrel! Besides, giraffes are veggies 😀

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