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Grace Buford on CNN (video)

I have hardly been active in Second Life anymore but I still attend music shows in-world on a regular basis.  My favourite musician is Cylindrian Rutabaga (Grace Buford in RL). I met Cylindrian  about 2 years ago. She’s become a very dear friend, not just because I love her music but because she is such a nice person.

Recently, she was featured in a CNN show. I wasn’t able to post the video here because one of the drawbacks of wordpress is, you’re not allowed to embed external flash objects. However, I can use the built-in youtube player, so good thing the video is available on youtube now. Yay!

For those of you, who can’t view the video in your country check out the original CNN link

Here is a snapshot I took of the both of us a while ago. She invited me to relax on her piano while she was giving a concert 😀 If you have a SL account and are interested in a virtual live music performance, send IM to me (Jenilia Congrejo). I’ll add you to Cylindrian’s fan group, so you can receive notices about her future concerts.

Cylindrian Rutabaga at The Falls (piano and poster) -by Jenilia Congrejo
Cylindrian Rutabaga at The Falls (piano and poster) -by Jenilia Congrejo

Buy Grace Buford’s music on iTunes, visit her on reverbnation, or read her blog if you like 🙂

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Song of the Week 2009-22: Patrick Wolf – Damaris

   PLAY -> Patrick Wolf – Damaris

Cuteness: Giraffe and Squirrel

Thursday brings cuteness 🙂

A friend emailed the following photo to me and I loved it so much, I forwarded it immediately …you know, that’s how it goes.

It’s a pity I can’t give credits to the one who shot the photo for I don’t know who he/she is.

Song of the Week 2009-21: Regina Spektor – Blue Lips

  PLAY -> Regina Spektor – Blue Lips

Celebrating another milestone on with Caroline Herring

Let me document my 10.000th play on before I forget… I reached this milestone 2 days ago and I did not scrobble any play history when I signed up. Usually, I don’t pay much attention to my play count and it was pure coincidence I noticed my 10.000th play.


The track I listened to was “Caroline Herring – Paper Gown”. It’s a gorgeous alt-country song that I discovered on a music site (T61) and I like a lot 🙂
Listen to Paper Gown on TheSixtyOne.

On Replay: Radical Face – Welcome Home, Son

  Radical Face is Ben Cooper’s solo project. Ben Cooper is one half of the   ELECTRIC PRESIDENT duo, but that’s not the reason I checked out his music. ( Infact, I don’t even remember how I came across his songs )

His solo project is a completely different style, lots of folk elements, very simple but beautiful.

Here’s a song from the album “Ghost” I have been humming all day long. Enjoy!



Radical Face – Welcome Home, Son

Song of the Week 2009-20: Lenka – Trouble is A Friend

  PLAY -> Lenka – Trouble is A Friend