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Song of the Week 2009-09: Emilia Simon – Opium

   PLAY -> Emilie Simon – Opium

Chick Corea & John McLaughlin – Five Peace Band (live)

(Kenny Garrett on sax, Christian McBride on bass and  Brian Blade on drums)

Word Tour 2008-2009 Available Regions and Dates:
EUROPE October 21 to November 23, 2008
ASIA January 31 to February 22, 2009
NORTH AMERICA March 17 to May 2, 2009

Check out their website for more infos.

Apparently, you missed the Europe and Asia shows (yes, I know … 😦  )  so sorry for not blogging it earlier 😉

I have never been a jazz fan, and I am still no jazz fan but these guys really impressed me. Their music is highly creative and sometimes even FUNKY! Yay! The only drawback was the bad acoustics….not due to the venue but blame the technician who was sitting bored on a carrier box behind the sound mixing desk….

Suzen JueL – Certain Kind of Mad

I admit I’m a lame duck, a slacker, whatever the correct expression may be…..

Suzen JueL released a new album in December last year and it took me ages to take notice and blog it. Better late than never, huh? 😛


Anyway, here is the link to her album “CERTAIN KIND OF MAD” on iTunes and the tracklist. My favourites are “LOVER”  followed by “FLOWERS AGAINST MY DRESS”.

My tumblelog

I haven’t come around to updating my blog, though I do have some things to share…
I guess I will take care for it this weekend 🙂

Meanwhile let me redirect you to my tumblelog.

Song of the Week 2009-07: Mariee Sioux – Wizard Flurry Home

 PLAY -> Mariee Sioux – Wizard Flurry Home

Martina Topley-Bird: Anything (video)

Here’s another trippy song I’m addicted to. When I love a song, the video usually disappoints me, but this doesn’t apply to this one.

“Anything” is from Martina Topley-Bird’s debut album QUIXOTIC (2003). 
Also check out “Sandpaper Kisses”, if you like.

Song of the Week 2009-06: Spoon – The Underdog

  PLAY -> Spoon – The Underdog