Jenilia’s 2008

I am not a very organized person, actually I’m not organized at all 😛
There is a saying in my native language that goes: “Only a genius can control chaos” Well, I am not a genius either haha 😀

I love, because it keeps my music listening stats ORGANIZED.

Here are 3 snapshots I took on New Years Eve 2008.

 The one above shows my play count and some other irrelevant info.
I am really from Christmas (Is)land….Where I come from, Christmas season starts on St Andrew’s night Nov/29-30 and ends on Candlemas Feb/02   [I guess I am not sober yet to write this here, and I’m probably going to delete this info by tomorrow, although it is TRUE!]

enough sidetracked…Here are my top artists and top tracks in 2008

I’m sure Elliott Smith and Radiohead will stay in the top 10, I am not sure about the other artists. Let’s see what the new year brings.

Interesting, a Christmas song has made it to the TOP 5 ! Feist – Lo, How A Rose E’re Blooming, my most popular blog post, btw.

Good thing I have my blog to document and archive the stats, the snapshots would get lost on my hard drive or where ever…

HAPPY NEW YEAR *hugs*  😀

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