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Lily Allen – Free Album Mix

Lily Allen’s new album “It’s Not Me, It’s you” will be released on Feb 9th and
her label is giving a FREE “Promotional Excerpt Compilation” (album mini mix mp3) away.

All you need to do is follow THIS LINK

and tell them some details about you, that is
your full name,
your date of birth,
your cell phone number
and some other stuff. Submit your info and you’ll be redirected to the download site. It’s a 16.7 MB file.

These are the songs featured in the mix : Everyone’s At It, The Fear, Not Fair, 22, Never Gonna Happen, F**k You

Advertisements (music discovery) is shutting down


I signed up on in August last year but I have never been really active on¬†this¬†music discovery site.¬†I wasn’t really fond of the music available there, to be honest…..BUT¬†the site¬†has¬†had some great features (e.g. mixtapes) and above all the admins were dedicated to their community.

From their manifesto:

“We believe technological process and tools can never replace individuals and human interaction – maintaining a personal touch is vital.”

… how true !

click image for complete fuzz manifesto


Here is an abstract of an email I received some days ago.        

“Sadly, we are contacting you to announce that is shutting down on February 13, 2009. Between now and then you may want to take the opportunity to post your forwarding information to fellow Fuzz users. It was with a heavy heart that we finally made the decision to turn off the lights, but because of increasing operating costs and flat revenues it simply no longer makes sense for us to keep running. We offer our heartfelt thanks for being a part of it, and we’d like to give a special added thanks our avid, core users — true music fans who made Fuzz their home-base, and created a real sense of community.”

Apparently, Fuzz’s sister site will continue to exist, but Blip and Fuzz can’t¬†be compared, Fuzz was more a¬† music site with great¬† discovery and communication tools and Blip is more twitter-like.

Oddly enough, I am¬† secretly glad I did not participate in the fuzz experience because it is always sad when a community breaks up¬†… even if it is “only” an¬†online music¬†community.

On Replay: CocoRosie and Over The Rhine is a c00l music site, actually. Just play your recommendations or play the radio of a favourite artist and you’ll be presented with lots of cool stuff that isn’t necessarily new but may be new to you.

Here are 2 examples I like a lot:  


1) from the Alela Diane radio:

CocoRosie –¬†Rainbowarriors

CocoRosie on myspace

I don’t even know which genre it fits in, it’s hard to classify¬†but I LOVE it¬†¬†


2) from the Built for the Sea radio:

Over The Rhine –¬†Born

Over the Rhine on myspace

It’s¬†a soothing and relaxing tune, but more alt-country than the¬† BftS dream-pop…


Anyway, holds a whole lot of surprises. The biggest surprise has been¬†a …

Glenn Case tune on the Built for the Sea radio…¬†¬† (No kidding,¬†I even double checked which radio I was tuned to)

Song of the Week 2009-04: SoKo – I’ll Kill Her

¬† PLAY -> SoKo – I’ll Kill Her

The Cutest Artist Ever :-)

The prize for “The Cutest Artist Ever” goes to….


 Check out his myspace site.




Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

Recharging Batteries is recharging batteries

and meanwhile they suggest I have a cup of tea..

I think I go for a beer instead ūüėõ



 and  flickr is having the hiccups

…but not due to my beer…I swear it!

I guess I’d better be logging out coz¬† I need to recharge batteries as well……See ya!

-27¬įC (-16.6 F) is colder than ****

You can complete the sentence yourself. Just look at the chart below ūüėČ

and¬† -27¬įC is not a joke !


– click image for larger picture –
I don’t know who made this chart, a t61/ friend uploaded it on plurk. That’s where I got it from.