Amy MacDonald: This is the Life

I just got back home after a 400km drive on the Autobahn. It was looooong ago that I last listened to radio. I usually hang out on the web looking for new music on blogs or music discovery sites.

My car is about 10 years old. It hasn’t got a CD player nor a music interface to connect my mp3-player. It’s got an old cassette tape deck though, but I don’t have any music tapes, so the only way to listen to music in my car is to turn on the radio. And that’s what I did…well, it was mostly just the usual stuff, the stuff that I got tired of listening to and I was wondering whether to turn the radio off again. Luckily I did not do it, because the next track was:

Amy MacDonald: This is the life.

It’s just my taste in music, folk-rock with a Schottish touch that makes you jump around the room. The point was however, I couldn’t jump around because I was sitting in my car….Well, there is always the throttle to play around and once of a sudden I was speeding with 200km/h on the Autobahn. Phewww! It was pretty scary to find myself at such a speed and I blame the song….errrmmm…really, this song kicks ass 🙂

Amy’s already sold more than 1 million copies of “This is the Life” across Europe, and it was only NOW that I discovered her music…I guess I should listen more radio again. Mainstream music isn’t that bad after all 😛

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