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RIAA wins – Muxtape is gone

Some weeks ago, I created a digital mixtape on just to see the website down a few days later because of issues with the RIAA. Noooo, it was not my fault!!! The official statement was: “Muxtape will be unavailable for a brief period while we sort out a problem with the RIAA ” It made me wonder how long this “brief period” would be…I checked back today and it turned out the RIAA won…  😦

read yourself on

Song Of The Week 2008-40: Okkervil River – Our Life is Not a Movie…or Maybe

 PLAY -> Okkervil River: Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe

Music from commercials: Simone White – The Beep Beep Song

I saw a German carmaker’s commercial some months ago and I fell in love with the song. This song is actually quite simple and sung in a clear voice. It took me a while to find out who the singer is even though the title of the song is quite obvious..LOL!  I am not going to run commercials in my blog, but I found a mp3 link to post the song here. This might even be the start of a new series: “Music from commercials”, but I am not sure yet….I’ll think about it.

Enjoy! 😀

Simone White – The Beep Beep Song

Visit Simone White’s myspace page

Song of The Week 2008-39: Bodies Of Water – Doves Circle the Sky

  PLAY -> Bodies Of Water: Doves Circle the Sky

Slideshow – Remix

Okay, I had to do another one…but that’s it…really



  • Grace Buford (Cylindrian Rutabaga)
  • Suzen JueL (JueL Resistance)
  • David Spencer (Spence Wilder)
  • Mimi Carpenter
  • Sally Silvera
  • Kafka Joubert
  • Claudia Mantis
  • Dolmere Talamasca
  • Crap Mariner
  • Tori Kawashima
  • and myself  (in order of appearance)

music: ibizaness by TORLEY, pictures: JENILIA

Cylindrian Rutabaga – Grace Buford

Mattie’s Runaway train by Grace Buford, pictures by Jeni

You got that right, it’s just another site  I’m addicted to …..   Anyway, I’d better be going, it will take a while until you read from me again….honestly 😛

Here is the link to Grace’s Myspace page

Song of the Week 2008-38: Beirut – A Sunday Smile

 PLAY -> Beirut – A Sunday Smile