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Yellow Dance


„0307 – Yellow dance“ by Zonja Capalini. Music: Golden Age by Torley

It has been a while since I last blogged a Zonja Capalini video. So it’s about time for another one huh? Okay, there you go: Enjoy the Yellow Dance ! 🙂

The following lines are excerpts from a chat with Zonja when I visited her on her sim, Condensation Land.

Jenilia Congrejo: Zonja, why did you choose Torley’s music for your videos? Not that I didn’t like it, on the contrary, his music is great and I downloaded some of his tracks, too. My favourite is the track you used for your Mirror Dance video -> TORLON WINDOW.
Zonja Capalini: 0h, because it’s great music. I love it — as it happens, I’m a great fan of techno/trance music
Torley is (was) a great musician…
Jenilia Congrejo: Oh yes, he definitely is.
Zonja Capalini: and because it’s open source. So there are no probs with rights, etc!

Jenilia Congrejo: BTW, what are your future plans about video making?
Zonja Capalini: Dunno. I have no plans. I do that for fun.
When I get some free time and some inspiration, I make a video and that’s it.
Jenilia Congrejo : Just do what you want to do. This always works out best.
Zonja Capalini: Exactly! I have A LOT of fun making the videos, tho. Never did a video in RL. I don’t even own a videocam. So I’m learning in SL.

Jenilia Congrejo: Are you doing something in graphics in RL?
Zonja Capalini: Never did graphics in RL. I installed the GIMP just to be able to put a signature to my shots!
Jenilia Congrejo: Actually, it would be boring to do the same stuff here in SL lol.
Zonja Capalini: That’s the beauty of SL. It’s amazing.
Because that seems to be the experience of a lot of people. SL has helped them (us) to develop creativity in areas we haven’t tried before. The artistic possibilities of SL are endless…

By the way, Zonja might start her own blog soon. I’ll keep you
informed and post a link when she finally does. Meanwhile check out her flickr site

My favourite video is still the “Mirrored Dance”. It was posted on July 11th and hit 485 views already on flickr as of today which is quite a lot for a video in a picture community.
Please also check out Zonja’s “Mirrored Dance” and “Wireframe Dancing” videos!

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Song of the Week 2008-35

PLAY -> Andrew Bird – Cataracts


I got an email the other day with the subject: “A GREAT FLICKR PHOTO”. I followed the link given in the email and found this close-up of a squirrel.

It’s a brilliant photo and the squirrel is sooooooo cuuuuuute, so I thought I should share the pic with you 🙂

Originally uploaded by näyrde von g.

click image for larger picture

Martin Grubinger – Top Sports Athlete on Stage

Having just returned from Vienna, I’d like to tell you about Martin Grubinger who’s a multi-percussionist on a league of its own. 24-year old multiple awards winner Martin Grubinger from Austria (the “Wizard of Drums”) plays the marimba, conga, snare drums, timpani, bells….to keep it short: he plays anything that serves as a percussion instrument. Perhaps “play” is the wrong exression, he PERFORMS, he ENERGIZES, he is a BRILLIANT artist with a great future ahead.

Actually, I intended to embed some video here but I got rather disappointed by the quality of the videos available on the web, that’s why I decided not to do it after all. There are some better quality music samples on his site but listening alone is obviously not enough -you’ve just got to see this guy and his ensemble PERFORM their SPECTACULAR show LIVE!

If you see him **IN ACTION**, you realize he is not only a musician but a top sports athlete as well. His heart rate is said to reach 180bpm during his 2.5 hour performance, so he needs a training like a marathon runner. Honestly, make sure you catch one of his life shows when he is performing somewhere near you. It’s absolutely worth it! 🙂

Song of the Week 2008-34

 PLAY -> Ra Ra Riot – Ghost under Rocks

Grace Buford – Cylindrian Virtually Live

Being the proud owner of an AUTOGRAPHED  CD “Cylindrian Virtually Live”
I just have to blog about it, and it’s about time I did because the CD is available only a limited time. And right now, Grace is informing me there are only 4 copies left, so you better hurry up! 😛

The CD contains LIVE recordings of Grace Buford’s performances in the VIRTUAL world of Second Life where she is known as CYLINDRIAN Rutabaga (Cyl), so the title of the CD “Cylindrian Virtually Live” is quite obvious.

The following tracks are on the CD:
I’ll Be Fine
Bad Weather Friend
Dont Recognize the Girl
Into the Water
Fallen out of Love
This Dream
Under the Moon
Black Water Rising
See You Soon
Plain Jane

My favourite is by far “Bad Weather Friend” – Strings, lyrics and vocals are just gorgeous.

Go to Grace’s Myspace page to order the CD, it’s only 11US$ incl shipping
within the US. The CD will be sold out soon, but Grace will make it available on iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster in about 3 to 4 weeks. I will post the links as soon as I get them.

[edited 2008-10-01]
here is the link 🙂


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Song of the Week 2008-33

 PLAY -> Laura Marling: The Captain and Hourglass

[edit: mp3 link removed on request]