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Mirrored Dance

0304 – Mirrored dance” by Zonja Capalini. Models: Noys, Zonja. Music: Torley: Torlon Window. Filmed in: Condensation Beach, SL. A collation of raw SL footage (only some simple fading added, and in some cases 90 degree rotations)

As you already know, Zonja Capalini is always good for a surprise (check out her “Wireframe Dance” video) and her creativity is without limits. The “Mirrored Dance” video is a vivid example. I did not believe my eyes when I first saw it because I have never seen a mirror in SL, even though I have my account for over a year.
I asked Zonja and I was even more surprised when she told me: “The mirror is _water_”
Huh? Water? This definitely needed an explanation! Zonja was more than happy to invite me to her sim Condensation Land and to explain all the details…

Well, it turned out she is using a special water setup.

Zonja Capalini: “Oracolo sent me the water setup. Oracolo Janus.
He found it by trial and error, and sent me the water parameters manually
I built the XML file and I htmlized it to be able to post it to Flickr 🙂
Please follow the instructions to be able to see the mirror…”

Zonja’s instructions:

  • Copy and paste Oracolo’s water setup to an empty file with a .xml extension
  • drop this file into C:\Program Files\SecondLife\app_settings\windlight\water
  • close the SL client (if open), and finally open your SL client.
  • Go to World menu -> Environment settings -> Environment editor, click on “Advanced water”, and open the “Water presets” dropdown. Voila! You’ll find a new preset with the new filename.
  • Check your preferences: Edit -> Preferences -> Graphics. Choose “Custom” Then reflection detail “Everything” . You should see the reflection now

This is a pic I took of myself (different water setup)
left: Default water setup, right: Oracolo’s water setup
Note the difference in reflection!


Zonja Capalini: When I saw that you could get perfect reflections, I thought “hey, maybe I can get a dance with a mirror” And I designed this room 🙂

Zonja and I standing on the mirror

We are standing in a special room rotated by 90° with a transparent wall (=mirror) touching the reflective water surface. The blue carpet textured wall on the right hand site simulates the floor. A (white) dance pose ball rotated by 90° makes your avie dance in horizontal position…..What a great idea! It’s as brilliant as it is simple.

Zonja Capalini: When there is movement, one can’t practically see that the reflection is somewhat blurred. For still images it’s not so perfect

Jenilia Congrejo: So, for still images you use another technique with a twin avie, right?
Zonja Capalini: It depends. For still images you need to have two symmetrical poses
and it’s difficult to get them. I’m glad Danae Kamachi sent me some sets of symmetrical poses. But it’s a limited technique, in that sense.

Jenilia Congrejo: Have you ever done still images with the water technique? Can you show an example?
Zonja Capalini: Yes, there you go

Jenilia Congrejo: Well, looks pretty cool and it’s untouched !
Zonja Capalini: Thanks! 🙂 It’s not bad at all.

picture by Zonja Capalini
title: 0306 Yellow Dress

Thank you Zonja, for sharing your knowledge and tricks with us. I know you’re leading a busy life and I appreciate it you set aside time to show me your mirror technique. It’s brilliant!


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Song of the Week 2008-31

  PLAY -> Bon Iver: Wisconsin

My all-time Favourite: Elliott Smith – Miss Misery (video)

I’ve got quite a number of “all-time favourites”, to be honest. This song really deserves the honor to be called like this, however.


It all started when I rented the “Good Will Hunting”  videotape about 8-9 years ago. The movie was okay, I wasn’t very fond of it though…but what a great SOUNDTRACK!
I instantly fell in love with “Miss Misery” and I strongly remember having listened to the song over and over again. Those were the days when the REWIND [<<] button became my best friend 😛

“Miss Misery” is timeless. It was a great song back then and it is still great now.

Wireframe Dancing


Originally uploaded by Zonja Capalini
Models – Noys, Zonja.
Music – Torley: Bigger Bass (the Acid Line).
Filmed in Condensation Land, SL

I have not been very active on flickr lately and have hardly kept track with what my friends were doing. So, when I logged on the other day…….a NICE surprise was waiting for me. Zonja Capalini has made some really great videos, they are simply AMAZING ! 😀

Zonja: “I filmed a lot of raw footage in wireframe under extreme WindLight settings, then I filmed Condensation Land using again WL settings that give an almost-black-and-white look, white fast-moving clouds, and the rest are remnants from the last video, I put the model to dance underwater under, again extreme WindLight settings”

….as simple as that 😉
Of course, there is more to it than adjusting environmental settings / WindLight parameters. Hopefully, Zonja lets us in on the secrets of artistic video making soon. For the time being, however, she’s busy getting footage for her next videos. One thing is for sure, she’s a brilliant artist and I will certainly cover more of her artwork in the coming week.
Zonja, you’re the Queen of Rhythm and WindLight!

Song of the Week 2008-30

  PLAY -> Sigur Rós: ILLGRESI (Them Jeans Dance Remix)

Suzen JueL – Without My Wings

Suzen JueL’s Re-Release of “Without My Wings” Is now available on iTunes,
Without My Wings is a Studio Cut CD, first released in 1995. It is a life experience mix of the ‘markers’ that have impacted her during those years.

  • Death –> Butterfly Blue
  • Spirit –> Level One
  • The Sinking of emotions –> Cigarette
  • and the Love affair with Chaos –>Teapot.

My favourite is “Butterfly Blue” followed by “You’ve Got a Way” 🙂

Time Piece

I went to one of the King’s Singers live shows earlier this year. The King’s Singers are a British a-capella vocal ensemble who have a wide range repertoire from classical to popular music. I loved the concert and I highly recommend it. One of their originals is especially fun to listen to. It’s “Time Piece” by Paul Patterson. I could not hold myself back and laughed out loud during the song, not just because of the lyrics but because of their fabulous interpretation. Fortunately, I was not the only one to laugh, so it was just half as embarassing….

Time Piece
In six days God created the world
and saw that it was good
and rested on the seventh day
from all the work that he had made.
Life was good. All was well.
Paradise was looking c00L.
One day Eve said:
“Hey Adam! What’s that you’re wearing on your wrist?”
“It’s a watch”.
It’s the tick and the tock of a man-made clock.
It’s a watch. It’s a clock
tick, tock, shock,
shockproof, waterproof,
digital, luminous.
Paradise is O.K. with a watch to measure the day…..

…to be continued 😛